Syllabus, Changes to Competitions and Competition Timetable

The Syllabus lists all competitions that are open to members of the Urdd. Any changes to the Syllabus will appear here. 

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You can purchase a hard copy of the Urdd Eisteddfod Syllabus for £6 (plus postage) from the Eisteddfod Office by calling 0345 257 1613. You can also download a copy by clicking the purple link below. 

2018 Syllabus

Competition Timetable

We've prepared a handy timetable which tells you which competitions will appear on each day in the Eisetddfod - just click on the green link below.
The order is subject to change, and the final timetable will be published in March 2018.

National Urdd Eisteddfod Timetable

Changes / Notes

Revisions and updates to the 2018 Urdd National Eisteddfod Brecon and Radnorshire Syllabus

Music Section

Music Section’s General Rules

3. (i) Each competitor must use the edition and key noted in this syllabus

    (ii) It is not permitted to adapt or arrange the music, nor change the key for any competition unless otherwise stated in the syllabus(see Rule 9 for details on additional accompaniment).

    (iii) In a competition for a party or choir, it is not permitted to sing solos unless otherwise stated in the syllabus

1. Solo Years. 2 and under. ‘Fi Di’r Deinosor’, Robat Arwyn

Verse 2, line 4 - drop the quaver G in the second verse, and sing F on the word 'i'n'. Please click the blue button on the left. 

Pennill 2 llinell 4 - mae angen colli y nodyn quaver G yn yr ail bennill, a chanu'r nodyn F yn unig ar y gair 'i'n'. 

6. Parti Unsain Bl.6 ac iau (D). ‘Siopa’, Caryl Parry Jones

Do not follow the words on the CD for Verse 2. See correct words in the link on the left.           

10. Choir Year 6 and under (Primary School) (Unison Test Piece)
(Schools with up to 150 children age 4-11)
(11 - 25 in number)
‘Cwm Alltcafan’
It is permitted to use either key available in Cynghanedd Cariad 3.
Choirs should sing the melody onlyin the sections with two part harmony.

18. Boys Solo Years 10 and under 19 years
It is permitted to sing ‘Awel Deg’ in the additional key of F, as well as Eb and Db.
Copies available from Boosey & Hawkes
Welsh words available from the Eisteddfod Office, Glan-llyn

19. Duet Year 10 and under 19 years
‘Bendigedig’ (Benedictus) Robat Arwyn
Curiad Publications copy (9033) only
Do not use the copy from the book ‘Er Hwylio’r Haul’

24. Boys Party Years 7, 8 & 9
(12-16 in number)
‘Ystyria dy hun’, (‘Consider Yourself’) Lionel Bart
It is not permitted to use scenery, costumes, actions, characters, props nor dialogue depicting or referring to any scene from the film or stage production “OLIVER!” or from the Dickensian period.

50. Orchestra/Band Years.6 and younger
3 minutes will be given to each orchestra/band for tuning, once the orchestra/band has positioned itself on stage.

72. Orchestra/Band 19 years old and younger
3 minutes will be given to each orchestra/band for tuning, once the orchestra/band has positioned itself on stage.

Hair and Beauty Section

2018’s theme is RED CARPET

Business Innovators Section
174 and 175
For more information, an application form and the competition’s guidelines, please visit the Urdd website or get in touch with Menter a Busnes on 01970 636 565.

Art, Design and Technology Section

Computer Graphics
Additional competition:
324. Computer Graphics Years 5 and 6

Translating Section

352. Translating Competition 19-25 years old
The set piece is now on the Urdd website

Registering On-line to Compete at Eisteddfod yr Urdd

Every Urdd  region has a specific closing date to register to compete, and then a 72 hours period to edit the information, if needs be. Support is available during this period. After the 72 hours, the system will close.

Every year, we receive late entries after the closing date. It isn’t possible to register to compete after the closing date unless an administration fee of £25 is paid. This can be for soloists or for group competitions. The fee is based on the competition itself, not the amount of competitors. For example:



Solo, e.g. Solo reciting, Yrs 5-6.


One Duet, e.g. Instrumental Duet, Yrs 13. and under


One Party, e.g. Cerdd Dant Party Yrs 7-9


One Group, e.g. Folk dancing group, under 25.


One Choir, e.g. Choir, Yrs 9 and under.


After receiving the payment, the soloist, party, choir etc, will be able to register.

How to register after the closing date

If you would like to register the competitor/s after the closing date, please email your request to: