Bore Da

The only Welsh language magazine suitable for primary Welsh learners. Cartoons, worksheets, stories, posters, puzzles and real letters from other Welsh learners... A brilliant and fun way to develop and apply Communication Skills, IT skills and the Cwricwlwm Cymreig - all parts of the Common Requirements of the Welsh Curriculum.

About Bore Da

Bore Da is a great vehicle to extend a pupils ability to 'read and respond to printed material, so that they develop as independent readers and enjoy their reading' as outlined in the Focus Statement for Welsh Second Language National Curriculum.

Bore Da is a modern and colourful magazine which is appealing for children who are learning Welsh. By following a theme each month, the variety in the content of the magazine keeps the magazine fresh and exciting for both the children and the teacher. 

Reading Bore Da is a great opportunity for the children to have an unique experience of reading a wide variety of articles and subjects that are of interest to them.

Bore Da is an unique magazine for our young Welsh learners in Wales. Bore Da is suitable for primary school children ages 7-11 years old and is an excellent source to develop the pupils reading and writing skills.

Bore Da encourages the teachers to use the articles in the classroom to raise awareness of the Welsh language. In addition to this, Bore Da develops the childrens ability and confidence to speak Welsh. Bore Da is a great opportunity to develop their reading and writing skills. There is a great balance in the content of which there are light reads to worksheets. This is supported by the glossary that is on each page.

Suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 of the Welsh Second Language National Curriculum. Vocabulary and language pattern sheets are provided as well as classroom activities for the teacher.