Are you interested in working in the Sports sector?

The Urdd offers Sports apprenticeships all over Wales, giving apprentices the opportunity to work and learn with our experienced staff.

What is the scheme?

This apprenticeship offers the opportunity for individuals over 18 years old to gain employment, professional experience and qualifications within the sports sector. The successful candidate will spend time developing with the Urdd’s Sports department. Every apprentice will get the opportunity to learn from experienced staff and lead high quality actives for children and young people.

Who can take part?

Individuals over 18 years old can undertake an apprenticeship and we have opportunities all over Wales. You’ll need to be interested in sports and ready to work with children and young people. The candidate will need to be able to travel independently from one place to another according to the job's requirements.

What's the work's nature? 

Apprentices are mentored to be able to organise and lead sports activities and clubs in schools and the community. 

There will also be a number of opportunities for them to work in the Urdd’s Sports’ national events like Urdd WRU 7s, Gemau Cymru, Gŵyl Cynradd and a lot more.  

What qualifications do we offer?

We offer a Level 2 NVQ in Leading Activities and a Level 2 in Principles of Coaching in the first year, with some apprentices continuing for second year working towards a Level 3 in Sports Development and Sports Leaders.

Our apprentices also receive a pack of extra qualifications that’s specially tailored for the individual.

How to apply?

Usually the apprenticeship starts every September, and we accept applications between March and June. To apply you’ll need to complete an application form and send to back to us before the closing date (the closing date varies from year to year). To get an application form e-mail us on

You can also register your interest by clicking on the button REGISTER YOUR INTEREST below and fill in the form. We will be notified that you’ve registered your interest and we can send you all the relevant information through e-mail.

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