Trinity Exams

Did you know that you can use your Urdd Set Pieces in a Trinity College London singing exam? If you've learnt one of our set pieces, then you can try for the following grades:

Years 1-2: Mynd ar Wyliau - Initial
Years 3-4: Rhyfeddodau - Grade 2
Years 5-6: Fy Llong Fach Arian I - Grade 3
Years 7-9 Girls: Cân yr Afon Sisilaidd - Grade 3
Years 7-9 Boys: Tylluanod - Grade 3
Years 10-19 years old: Cilfan y Coed - Grade 6
Years 10-19 years old: Mystyn - Grade 7

For more information on the exams, go to the Trinity College London website