Learning Welsh? How about competing this year?

The Urdd offers learners the opportunity to compete in the Eisteddfod annually. There are recitation, theatre and cerdd dant competitions specifically for individuals, groups and parties of learners who wish to compete.

Remember that you must join the Urdd to be able to complete!

Helpful tips for learners - how to compete? General Rules for Learners


Below are links to download recordings of the recitation pieces for Welsh learners at the 2020 Urdd Eisteddfod.

Please note that these are not interpretations of the poems, just a guide to help with pronunciation.

135. Recitation Year 2 and under (Learners) 136. Recitation Years 3 & 4 (Learners) 137. Recitation Years 5 & 6 (Learners) 138. Group Recitation Year 6 and under (Learners) 139. Recitation Years 7 - 9 (Learners) 140. Group Recitation Years 7, 8 & 9 (Learners) 141. Individual Recitation Year 10 and under 19 (Learners) 142. Group Recitation under 19 (Learners)