Entering Your Compositions

How to send your compositions and creative compositions

1. All entries for the literature and musical composition competitions are judged on a national level apart from the CDT competitions. Unless otherwise noted, the composition work is for individuals. All entries must reach the Eisteddfod Department, Glan-llyn by 1 March 2020 apart from CDT competitions.

2. You can compete either by sending the work through the post or by e-mail.

a) By post:

  • Competitors should not, under any circumstances, use their real name on their entries.
  • The competition number, nom de plume and membership number should be written clearly on the upper right hand corner of the paper.
  • A piece of paper containing the following information in the order noted should be enclosed in a standard sized envelope (approximately 6" x 4"):
  • (i) the competition number (ii) the nom de plume (iii) the competitor's membership number (iv) the competitor's real name (v) the name of his/her Adran or Aelwyd (vi) the name of his/her Local Area (vii) the name of his/her County/Region (viii) his/her date of birth.
  • On the outside of the envelope the number of the competition, the nom de plume and the membership number should be written and nothing else.
  • Every entry should be sealed and sent to
  • Y Trefnwyr, Adran yr Eisteddfod, Gwersyll yr Urdd Glan-llyn, Llanwuchllyn, Y Bala, Gwynedd LL23 7ST

Please note carefully the following example:

As a heading for the entry and also on the outside of the envelope
Number 201
Seren Arian

Inside the envelope only
Number 201
Seren Arian 
Siôn Owain
Aelwyd Aberystwyth
Cylch Aberystwyth

b) By e-mail:

  • Two attachments should be sent, one with the literature entry and the other with the sealed envelope information.
  • The first message containing the work should be presented with the competition number and the nom de plume only.
  • The second message should have information about the competitor (i.e. the sealed envelope - ADS) with the competition number, nom de plume and the letters ADS e.g.
  • Attachment 1 – (the work) – 201 Seren Arian
  • Attachment 2 (The sealed envelope) – 201 Seren Arian ADS
  • The work should be sent to the following e-mail address: cyfansoddi@urdd.org
  • Do not send the work to any other e-mail address. The Eisteddfod Department will confirm receipt of your
  • e-mail.
  • You should also include home address, e-mail address, phone number in the case of the main competitions i.e. 349,379,395, and 415

3. Members of an Adran or Aelwyd must send their entries together through their secretary, and the secretary must testify to the validity of the competitors’ work. The parcel should be labelled "Literature".

4. It is advisable to register postal entries. Every due care will be taken of the entries but the Urdd cannot be responsible for any loss or unavoidable damage.

5. The Urdd hold the right to publish all or some of the winning musical and literary entries, and to use them in future Eisteddfodau without prior consent from the authors or pay any royalties.

6. No one is permitted to win the Chair, the Crown, the Drama Medal, the Learners' Medal or the Music Award more than three times.

7. Competitors are encouraged to submit entries on CD or by e-mail

8. All entries must be the original work of the competitor.

9. Submitted work should not have been published previously. Neither the work nor any part of it shall have been , copied from any other person.

10. The Urdd reserves the right to edit any work which is deemed suitable for publication in the Cyfansoddiadau See also rule 29 General Rules.