Will audiences be allowed in the Urdd Eisteddfod this year?

Unfortunately, no audiences will be allowed in the Local or Regional Eisteddfods this year.

Who will be allowed to watch the competitions?

One parent/guardian/teacher will be allowed to attend the solo competitions.  In a self choice/own selection competition (e.g. Instrumental Solo) an accompanist will also be allowed in the room.

How do I know when my prelims are held? 

There are no prelims at Denbighshire Eisteddfod yr Urdd, everyone that reaches the national Eisteddfod will perform on the pavilions stages. 

When and where will the Local and Regional Eisteddfod be held?

Due to Covid restrictions,the Eisteddfod arrangements will be different this year.

All the information on your Local Eisteddfod can be found on the Eisteddfod yr Urdd website , or get in touch with your local Community Officer.

How will I know when I should arrive at the Local/Regional Eisteddfod?

Urdd staff will prepare a programme and timetable for all competitions in advance and send you the details (date, time and location) by email.

Where will I find the results of my Local/Regional Eisteddfod?

All the results from the Local and Regional Eisteddfod will be published on local Urdd social media platforms. 

As a parent/guardian can I record my child’s performance?

You are welcome to record your child’s performance only.  The school/adran are also welcome to record the group events if desired.

What if I have several individual competitions to attend?

The Eisteddfod officials will take this into account when organising the competition timetable

Will there be changing facilities at my Local/Regional Eisteddfod is held?

Unfortunately, there won’t be any changing facilities available, all competitors must arrive in their costume ready to perform.

Will competitors perform in front of an adjudicator?

Yes, all competitors will perform in front of an adjudicator in the Local and Regional Eisteddfodau.

What if an adjudicator has to self-isolate before a local and/or regional Eisteddfod?

The local Urdd community officer will appoint another adjudicator for the relevant Eisteddfod.


Will I be allowed to watch my child compete in a group event (eg. A dance group or choir?)

Unfortunately not.  No audience will be allowed to watch the group events in the Local or Regional Eisteddfod.  Only the teacher/tutor and branch leader will be allowed to attend.  The school/branch itself will be allowed to record their own group performance to share with parents if desired

What if our Group can’t travel together to the Local/Regional Eisteddfod?

The adjudicator and the local Community Officer will discuss with Branch Leaders beforehand if it’s more practical to judge some group competitions (eg.  Dance and Theatre) in the school or a local centre.  The adjudicator can visit several schools/branches over a period of days before announcing the result. 

For more details, please see General Rules in the Syllabus.