Literature and Composing

Closing Date: 1 March 2019
Remember to join the Urdd before competing!

Literature: Poetry

358. Poetry Year 2 and under: 

Theme: Pen-blwydd - (Birthday)

Adjudicator: Fflur Rowlands


359. Poetry Year 3 and 4:

Theme: Ffrindiau - (Friends)

Adjudicator: Eurgain Llŷr Dafydd

360. Poetry Year 5 and 6: 

Theme: Seren (A Star)

Adjudicator: Anni Llŷn

361. Poetry Year 7:

Theme: Y Bae - (The Bay)

Adjudicator:  Gareth Lloyd James

362. Poetry Year 8: 

Theme: Cymru - (Wales)

Adjudicator: Casia Wiliam

363. Poetry Year 9: 

Theme: Bro - (Native Place)

Adjudicator: Nia Môn

364. Poetry Year 10 and 11: 

Theme: Heddwch - (Peace)

Adjudicator: Gwyneth Glyn

365. Poetry Year 12 and 13: 

Theme: Cofio - (Remembering)

Adjudicator: Eurig Salisbury

366. Poetry under 19 years old: (a poem in strict metre)

Theme: Carcharor (Prisoner)

Adjudicator: Gruffydd Eifion Owen

367. Poetry under 19 years old (Englyn): (Vers Libre)

Theme:  Dianc - (Escape/Flee)

Adjudicator: Elis Dafydd

368. Poetry under 25 years old: (Metre and Rhyme)

Theme: Ewrop (Europe)

Adjudicator: Rhys Iorwerth

369. Poetry under 25 years old (a poem in strict metre):

Theme: Golau (Light)

Adjudicator: Aneirin Karadog

370. Poetry under 25 years old (Vers libre):

Theme: Pris Ddinas (Capital City)

Adjudicator: Gwennan Evans


Literature: Prose

372. Prose Year 2 and under:

Theme: Amser Chwarae - (Playtime)

Adjudicator: Lowri Elen Edwards

373. Prose Year 3 and 4:

Theme: Tegan - (A Toy)

Adjudicator: Siân Reeves

374. Prose Year 5 and 6: 

Theme: Llong Ofod - (Space Ship)

Adjudicator: Owain Siôn

375. Prose Year 7: 

Theme: Gwaith yn seiliedig ar unrhyw idiom (Work based on any idiom)

Adjudicator: Manon Steffan Ros

376. Prose Year 8: 

Theme: Darganfod - (Discover)

Adjudicator: Dylan Ebenezer

377. Prose Year 9: 

Theme: Ffugio - (Fake/False)

Adjudicator: Aled Evans

378. Prose Year 10 and 11: 

Theme: Dyddiadur Milwr - (A soldier's diary)

Adjudicator: Manon Wyn Jones

379. Prose Year 12 and 13: 

Theme: Y Pabi Gwyn - (The White Poppy)

Adjudicator:Mererid Hopwood

380. Prose under 19 years old (A piece in any format): 

Theme: Chwyldro (Revolution)

Adjudicator: Angharad Elen

381. Prose under 19 years old: (Two Soliloquys)

Theme: Dociau Ddoe a Heddiw (The Docks of yesterday and today)

Adjudicator: Catrin Haf Jones

382. Prose under 19 years old: (Blog)

Theme: Blog yn ymateb i ddigwyddiad ar y newyddion ( A blog in response to an incident on the news)

Adjudicator: Vaughan Roderick

383. Prose under 25 years old: 

Theme:     Sgript ar gyfer Stand Yp – (Script for a Stand Up)

Adjudicator: Steffan Alun

384. Prose under 25 years old: 

Theme - Hunangofiant ffôn symudol – (Autobiography/memories of a mobile phone)

Adjudicator:  Marged Tudur

385. Prose under 25 years old: 

Theme: Stori fer Arswyd ( A Horror Short Story)

Adjudicator: Llwyd Owen

386. Adapt a Script under 25 years old:

Adapt an English script cartoon/children’s programme into Welsh. Group work permitted. Cartoon /Script available from the Eisteddfod Dept  The winner will spend time with S4C learning the process of dubbing (voiceover) the cartoon.

Adjudicator: Arwel 'Pod' Roberts


388. Group Work Years 6 and under (at least 4 members in the group)

Theme: Yr Amgylchedd - (The Environment)

Adjudicator: Hywel Griffiths

You should aim to contain a variety of literary formats in any medium.


389. Group Work Years 6 and under (at least 4 members in the group)

Theme: Chwarae - (Playing)

Adjudicator: Catrin Heledd

You should aim to contain a variety of literary formats in any medium.

398. A Website containing a variety of literary formats Year 10 and under 25 years old

Theme: Hyrwyddo lle neu gynnyrch (To promote a place or produce)

Individuals or groups may compete

Prize: Roy Stephens memorial Trophy

Adjudicator: Teilo Trimble


Rhyddiaith i Ddysgwyr

391. Prose year 4 and under (Learners): 

Theme: Fy ffrind: (My friend)

Adjudicator: Heddwen Evans

392. Prose Year 5 and 6 (Learners): 

Theme: Bwyd (Food)

Adjudicator: Bethan Llywelyn Davies

393. Group Work Year 6 and under (Learners): 

Theme: Ser (Stars)

There must be at least 4 members in the group

Adjudicator: Elisabeth Casey

394. Prose Year 7 (Learners)

Theme: Llythyr at IAW (A letter to IAW magazine)

Prize: Linda Moran memorial Trophy

Adjudicator: Zena Tomos

395. Prose Year 8 and 9 (Learners)

Theme:Dyddiadur gwyliau (Holiday Diary)

Adjudicator: Mererid Morgan


396. Prose Year 10 and 11 (Learners)

Theme: Adolygiad o raglen S4C (Review of an S4C programme)

Adjudicator: Nerys Llewelyn Davies

397. Prose Year 12 and under 19 years old (Learners)

Theme: Patagonia

Prize: Carys Lewis Jones memorial Trophy

Adjudicator: Nerys Roberts