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5 – Party Years 6 and under (Adran) – Cân y Sipsi by Delyth Hopkins Evans.

Please see the new copy with the following change included:

Bar 37  - Should be 'Ffal-di ral-di' like every other instance in the song.

5. Can Y Sipsi (Delyth Hopkin Evans) 6. Ceidwad Byd (Eric Jones)

7 – Choir Yrs 6 and under (Adran)

Dyn y Tywydd (Eric Jones)

Welsh words by Arwel John

Available in ‘Hwyl a Hoe’ (Curiad Publications)

An inconsistency appears in one place in this song:

Bar 6 a 7 , 23 a 31 –  Ond man lle byddaf innau

Bar 15 – Ond man y byddaf innau

Curiad Publications have contacted Arwel John who has confirmed that this is a mistake. 

If you wish, choirs can sing lle byddaf on each occasion, including bar 15.

It is also possible that the choirs follow the words as seen in the original copy, without being penalised for doing so.

11. Choir Yr.6 and under (YC)

Schools with over 150 children between 4–11 years of age

Glyndŵr, Leah Owen.

Words: Angharad Llwyd

Copies are available to be downloaded from the Sain website.

Important note:

Please ignore the  ‘mp’ mark at the bottom of page 4 


25. Choir S.A. Years 7, 8 and 9

Y Ci Coch, Brian Hughes

To contact the Publisher, please e-mail ralph@samuelking.org or call 01923841645

25. Y Ci Coch, (Brian Hughes)

33. Three Part Male Voice Choir 14-25 years (Aelwyd) 16–30 members only

Can y Celt (Meinir Lloyd)

Available as a single sheet from Sain

Important note -

At the bottom of page 2, you will see  ‘...gyda Chymru yn gyd Geltiaid rhydd’ and then at the bottom of page 5 you will see the line ‘gyda Cymru yn gyd Geltiaid rhydd’ yn ymddangos. 

Despite this inconsistency, ‘gyda Chymru’ is the correct version and this should appear twice in the copy,

Choirs will not be penalised for following the original copy.

34. Hiraeth yr Hwyrnos 131. Gwyrddni

131. Individual Recitation Year 10 and under 19 years old – Gwyrddni by Grahame Davies 

Please click above for the amended copy. Dine 4 and 5 should be as follows:

briallu Mai, cerddinen,

a chymaint o rai tebyg y deuwn ar eu traws