Entry to the Eisteddfod is free this year for the first time ever!

Adults (18+) who are not competing will need to purchase wristbands for entry to the Pavilion and preliminaries. Entry is free for all competitors.

The Wales Millennium Centre is our Pavilion this year! All tickets are sold by the centre. Scroll to the bottom of this page for FAQs.

Ticket line: 029 2063 6464

Pavilion and Preliminaries Tickets

Get your tickets for access to the Pavilion and preliminaries here from the Wales Millennium Centre website. Remember to buy before the end of the earlybird discount on April 30!

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Evening Events Tickets

Order your tickets for the Opening Concert, evening shows and the late night competing!

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Do I need a wristband?

  • If you are over 18 years of age and intend to watch the competing in a prelim or in the pavilion (Donald Gordon Theatre), you will be required to buy a Wrist Band for that day. The same principle will be in effect for evening competitions on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • All competitors and children / young people (under 18) will not be required to buy a Wrist Band to gain entry to a prelim or the pavilion.

Where can I buy a wristband?

  • From 1 February 2019, Wrist Bands will be on sale from Wales Millennium Centre. They can be ordered over the phone (029 2063 6464), via their website or bought over the counter. WMC will charge a posting fee of approx. £1.50. 
  • The option of posting out the Wrist Bands will come to an end ten days before the event. From that date onwards, you will need to pick up your Wrist Bands from the front desk at WMC.
  • During the week of the Eisteddfod, Wrist Bands can be purchased from WMC’s website, from WMC’s front desk, from the Red Dragon Centre and beside the Dance Hall.
  • For easy entry, we advise you to purchase your Wrist Bands in advance as the pick-up points can get busy during the week of the Eisteddfod.

Are there different wristbands for different areas?

  • We have a different coloured Wrist Band for every day. A Wrist Band will allow you to enter all the competing areas during the day and evening (depending on whether there is a spare seat in the venue, at that time).

How much does a wristband cost?

  • Wrist Bands will be available for a reduced price of £13 until the end of April. From the beginning of May, prices will increase to £15.
  • Wristbands for Saturday, 1 June will be half price. This means that a Wrist Band will cost £6.50 until the end of April and £7.50 from the beginning of May.
  • A reduced price of £10 per Wrist Band will be available to students and the unemployed (on the day purchases only). 

Can I print these at home?

  • No. As we are introducing Wrist Bands instead of entry tickets in 2019, we are unable to offer the option of e-tickets and home printing.
  • We intend to offer the option of e-tickets and home printing once again from 2020 onwards.

Does a wristband mean that I will have a guaranteed seat at the prelims/Pavilion?

  • Buying a Wrist Band does not guarantee a seat in a competition venue.  As in previous years, you may only enter the Prelim / Pavilion if a seat becomes available. Our stewards will do their best to ensure that supporters swiftly enter a competition venue once a seating area becomes free.

Who will be checking the wristbands?

  • Stewards or security guards will be checking adult Wrist Bands by the doors of every competition venue. At Wales Millennium Centre, these checks will take place at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Important note: If you are a parent or supporter that wants to watch a certain competition, you will need to buy a Wrist Band from Wales Millennium Centre before entering the competition venue. At the same time, everyone will be able to enter the lobby of the Centre and use facilities / cafes / bars without obtaining a Wrist Band.

I’m going to watch the Cân Actol / Disco Dancing / Orchestra competitions in the evening -  do I need a wristband for these?

  • Yes. Adults intending to watch the competing (either during the day or early evening) will need to buy a Wrist Band for that day (different colour for each day).

Are week-long wristbands available to buy?

  • No.  You will be required to buy a separate Wrist Band for every day that you intend to enter the competition areas. Every day will have a different coloured Wrist Band.

Do you offer a Family ticket? Is there a Family Pack available?

  • No. As children and competitors will be able to entre all the competition areas free of charge and everyone will be able to freely enter the Maes, family tickets will not be available in 2019.

I’m an adult who has arrived at a prelim to support a competitor. I don’t have a wristband and the steward /security officer won’t let me in. What can I do?

  • Wrist Bands will be available to buy from Wales Millennium Centre, the Red Dragon Centre and beside the Choral Hall and the Dance Hall. You must return to one of these locations to buy your wristband.
  • We advise everyone to pre-plan and buy the wristbands in advance to avoid disappointment at the door.

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