Urdd's visit to India

Following the establishment of a new partnership between the Urdd and Her Future Coalition charity in India, the Urdd is proud to announce that there will be an opportunity for a group of women aged 18 to 25 to travel in the name of the Urdd to India in 2025.

This is an unforgettable volunteering opportunity for young women from Wales who are interested in expanding their horizons and supporting young women and children in the Kolkata, India area.

The members of the visit will volunteer for Her Future Coalition, offering mentoring sessions with women in Kolkata, along with fun sessions within the arts and sports with the children of rural areas outside of Kolkata and a school for girls in the middle of the city. There will also be a project for children in the slum community. 

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are eager to contribute to Her Future Coalition's humanitarian work and have the desire to gain new travel experiences.

There will also be an opportunity to experience Indian culture and make new friends from all over Wales and India.

There will also be an opportunity to experience Indian culture and make new friends from all over Wales and India.We anticipate great interest in this tour, but there are only a limited number of places available on the tour and therefore we ask everyone to fill in an application form or submit an audio/film file request (details below).

The trip will take place between Friday 21 February and 7/8 March 2025. These exact dates may change but around these days we intend to travel.

There will be no cost to the individual for this trip but we will ask the group of successful women to raise money - around £250 per person in order to be able to contribute to buy resources or equipment as an endowment for the children and young people in India. Urdd staff will help to support and offer ideas on fundraising methods to help.

This visit is funded by the Welsh Government as part of the Wales in India celebrations.

For further details contact rhyngwladol@urdd.org

Details about the visit:

  • An opportunity to 10/12 women between 18 to 25 years old
  • We would travel out around Friday the 21 of February, and returning 7/8 of March 2025 (these exact dates could change, but we expect them to be around this time) 
  • Run sessions in schools, community projects, and a school that empower children in minority languages.
  • Enjoy the culture and various attractions in the city of Kolkata.
  • Hold mentoring sessions with 13 to 25 year old who live in Kolkata who are part of Her Future Coalition project.
  • There will be two Urdd staff members on this visit.
  • The cost of travelling, accommodation and food will be covered.
  • A large number of applications are anticipated but there are a limited number of places available so there will be an application process.


Requirements for applying:

  •  A general interest in the subjects of children's and women's rights and the enthusiasm to volunteer.
  • The successful applicants will have to be members of the Urdd for 2024/25.
  • This tour is for women aged 18 to 25 (must be aged 18 and 25 or under by the dates of the tour.
  • Welsh will be the language of the trip. We encourage learners to apply as well, but it will be necessary to be able to communicate orally through Welsh.
  • You must apply by filling in the application form, or answering the questions orally through an audio file (e.g. mp3) or film (e.g. mp4), and send them via email to rhyngwladol@urdd.org . If you need help contact international@urdd.org
  • You must apply in Welsh, but we will not judge applications based on your linguistic skills.
  • The application process opens on 30 May and closes on 19 July 2024.
  • A panel will select candidates and there may be a virtual interview (Teams/Zoom) to follow.


To apply for this trip you need to complete this form before 12:00pm | 19 July.

A limited number of places are available on the tour. Therefore ensure that you give a full answer to each question in the application form.

We will consider each application in detail and decide on the successful applications by 9 August.

We will notify all successful and unsuccessful individuals.