A trip to Eastern Europe

A unique opportunity to visit three spectacular cities; Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava.

This is a new trip which offers a chance for 15 young people to program their visit to some of Europe’s most cultural cities, and a chance to stay in the Urdd’s brand new residential centre in Hungary.

How to apply? You need to fill in a n application form, which is on the Urdd website; www.urdd.cymru/ieuenctid

For who? This opportunity is mainly for students age year 12, but if you are in year 13 you are welcome to apply.

Price? £619 – this includes, 1 night in Glan-llyn, 7 night of bed and breakfast in Hungary, a visit to three different cities, white water rafting in Slovakia, and much more.

For more information, go to the Urdd website www.urdd.cymru or e-mail hwngari@urdd.org  

2019 Trip

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