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What Educational benefits does a residential stay at Llangrannog offer?

Budd Addysgiadol...

Since 1932 Llangrannog Urdd centre has worked on the ethos of Learning through Activity, and this has proven effective in developing self confidence in individuals. It is true to say that there is no better classroom than the Urdd Centre, Llangrannog! We take full advantage of our surrounding environment and cultural history to provide a wide range of course. The unique Welsh atmosphere of the Centre makes it an ideal location for a language course and is one of the reasons that 96% of schools see an improvement in their pupils’ attitude towards the Welsh language and culture following their stay. Bilingualism is an integral part of the Llangrannog experience, and is an added benefit of various other courses at Llangrannog, from Activity course, Geography, History, Literature, Art and more

We hope that the curriculum statment above will outline some of the key advantages that Urdd Centre Llangrannog presents as a part of the learning process, thus giving teachers the confidence and support to continue with ‘Learning outside of the classroom’.

What security procedures have you in place?

We pride ourselves on our Health and Safety record, and we believe this is one of the main reasons  85% of our visitors return to stay at the Centre. Although the majority of organisations and teachers acknowledge the importance of residential courses to the personal development of children and young people, we understand that a large number have reservations regarding such trips due to the present social climate. We at Llangrannog understand and appreciate these worries and do everything we possibly can to support schools and leaders throughout the process. There are structures in place to safeguard children and teachers/leaders during their stay at Llangrannog.

There are structures in place to safeguard children and teachers/leaders during their stay at Llangrannog.

Below we have a brief outline of our security systems.

  • CCTV system in operation, security barriers, and night porters
  • CRB – Every member of staff has been scrutinised  by the Criminal Record Bureau (enhanced system)
  • Qualified and experienced staff. The Centre has achieved ‘Investors in People’
  • Fire Safety – A fire drill is held as soon as possible after the arrival of the children. Visual Fire Alarms are in place for people with impaired hearing.
  • First Aiders – A fully qualified first aider is on duty 24 hours a day.
  • First Aid Room – We have a first aid room where all medication can be kept safely.
  • Health forms – Opportunity to declare any problems and special requirements (Form enclosed).
  • Food Allergies – Systems are in place for children with allergies. We cater for all special food requirements.
  • Risk Assessments for every activity + Independent Providers Questionnaire
  • NEBOSH Officer – We have a full time officer who is responsible for Health and Safety

What kind of activity programme can we expect?

We normally offer, 2 night, 4 night and weekend courses.

Once you have desided on your dates, you can start planning your programme under the guidance of our course co-ordinator to ensure that you meet your learning outcomes.A programme will be designed from 9.00am to 10pm.

There is a wide range of activities to choose from, that are staffed by our qualified and professional staff. We can also arrange with local partners for sea and river activities such as surfig, coasterring and canoeing (for an additional cost).

We can arrnage indoor activities during adverse weather conditions, although some activities prove even better in the rain! Rain or shine, cold or hot we will ensure that you have everything you need!

Every activity can be adapted to suit any age any needs. Our curriculum statment outlines the eductaional benefits of the different activities.

During the evenngs a range of activities are on offer and we have staff available to support groups with the timetable.

Here is an example of a timetable used for a group of 250 children ...





What facilities are available?

Accomodation ... Our facilities are of a high standard with a Visit Wales 4 star rating, with the large majority of rooms being ensuite. We have specific rooms for teachers.  There are coffee and tea making facilities available throughout the day and evening, lounge areas with televisions and use of a computer and wireless network. Facilities to wash and dry clother are available. Teachers are always located near their pupils. You will recive a copy of your accomodation list prior to your visit.

Food ... We provide nutrional healthy and tasty meals for all dietary needs. The food is great!

Educational Resources ... We offer a wide range of resourrces from a Heritage centre, class rooms to ready made courses. We can also organise trips to local areas of intrerest.

How can you help?

We are here to help  every step of the way!

Here are a few things we can do to help ...

  • organise transport on your behalf
  • assist in promoting the trip to parents and children, whether it be through school visit, leaflets, templet letter
  • provide you with collection cards
  • provide general information leaflets for parents - what to pack et (look at out Useful Documents list!)

If you would like any further information please conact us.