Cip Magazine - 5 editions

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A lively, colourful Welsh language magazine for 7-11 year old children - crammed full of cartoons, stories, stars, articles, jokes, competitions, puzzles and more!

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From September Cip will be presented on two platforms, in print and digital. The magazine will continue to offer original Welsh language stories, puzzles, games, cartoons, competitions and activities but will now do so in both print and digital for the first time.

By doing this, we hope to meet the increasing need for digital content that children can access on their phones and devices, while continuing to offer the magazine in its print form, which is still popular with children. The changes are as follows:

- In print, Cip will be a bi-monthly magazine

- There will be five print editions a year - September-October, November-December, January-February, March-April and May-June.

- Cip will increase to 28 pages per issue

- An annual subscription is £10 plus postage

- Subscribers will be provided with a QR code to access digital material on the website

More about Cip