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Press Pack 

The  Urdd National Eisteddfod, Brecon and Radnor 2018

Tickets and passes

Press passes will be issued at the press conference on Sunday, 27 May at 15:30.  If you can’t make it on Sunday, tickets wil be left in the main ticket booth for you to come in and collect your press pass from the Press Office.  

 If you would like tickets for any evening concerts or show please email 

Press Office 

A work station and wi-fi is available for journalists and photographers in the Press Office during Eisteddfod week. 

Daily Press Conferences 

The Eisteddfod’s first press conference will be held on Sunday, 27 May at 15:30 in the Press Office.  The conference will be an opportunity to interview two of the stars of the opening concert, Lloyd Macey and the Welsh Whisperer.   

 The daily press conferences are held each morning at 10:00 in the Press Office. 

 There will be an opportunity to meet the winner of the day’s main ceremony at 16:30 each day unless stated otherwise.

This is an outline of the week's stories Tabl_Straeon_Cynadleddau.pdf

Day Presidents 

There will be five Day Presidents during the week – embassadors who are keen supporters of the Eisteddfod and come from the area.  Iolo Williams is the President on Monday, Steve Hughson on Tuesday, actress Sian Reese Williams on Wednesday, actress Nia Roberts on Thursday and actor Richard Lynch on Friday.


General photos of the Eisteddfod are available.  

Press releases issued to date 

Press releases issued during the run-up to the Urdd National Eisteddfod can be seen by pressing the green News button.


All the national results so far, including the arts, design and technology, can be seen on the website.  


Mari Williams (Sunday - Saturday) –  / 07976 330361 

Mali Thomas (Sunday - Saturday) – / 07976 330360 

 We look forward to seeing you on the Maes. In the meantime, if you need more information, please contact Mari Williams on 01678 541 025 /



General Press and Media

If you are a member of the press or the media and would like:-


 - more information about a story

- to arrange an interview with a member of staff

- pictures for a story or a copy of the Urdd logo

- to be added to the Press Release distribution list


You are more than welcome to contact Mari Williams on 01678 541 025  / 07976 330361


In her absence, please call the Mali Thomas on 07976 33 03 60