Are you interested in completing your Essential Skills qualifications through the medium of Welsh or bilingually?

The Urdd’s Essential Skills HWB has the expertise to help you succeed!

What is the HWB?

The Hwb offers bespoke qualifications and training for Communication, Numeracy and Digital Literacy through the medium of Welsh or bilingually. Individuals can work towards their Essential Skills qualifications from Entry 3 to Level 3, or upskill whilst undertaking another learning programme.


Who is the HWB for?

The HWB is open to individuals that want to complete their essential skills qualifications through Welsh or bilingually.

The HWB is for you if....

· you haven't used your Welsh for a while

· you only use your Welsh in school

· you're keen to devlop your Welsh 

· you have a good standard of Welsh

· you are a fluent Welsh speaker

What if I'm on a learning programme with another provider?

You could be on a learning programme with another provider and completing Essential Skills Qualifications as part of your framework already, if so, ask your tutor to complete the qualifications in Welsh and refer them to us!

Download an information sheet HERE to learn more about what we can offer.

If you’re not on a learning programme but would like to upskill, contact us to discuss further: or use the interest form. 

What does the learning programme include?

The workshops you’ll attend is dependent on your current level and the level that you are aiming for. Your tutor will create a learning plan that is tailored to your needs and learning style. This is what you can expect to be part of your experience:   

-  Initial assessments

-  Individual learning plan

-  Access to virtual workshops 

- 1:1 sessions 

-  Access to resources, recordings and e-portfolio 

-  Independent tasks that will be marked with feedback 

-  Controlled task and confirmatory test (including practice tasks, dependent on the target level) 

-  Certificates

Where is the HWB?

Most of the HWB’s workshops are virtual therefore are easily accessible from anywhere in Wales.

Download our information pack through clicking on the link ‘Information for Learners’ below.

Download our information pack through clicking on the link ‘Information for Learners’ below.