Centenary Peace and Goodwill Message: the Climate Emergency. #Heddwch100

Centenary Peace and Goodwill Message: The Climate Emergency

The Urdd's centenary Peace and Goodwill Message focuses on the climate emergency. It is a call to action by the children and young people of Wales to the young people of the world, to use the importance and power of their voice to urge governments and large corporations to take urgent action to save our planet. It's time to wake up!

In the Urdd’s centenary year, the 2022 Peace and Goodwill Message was launched at a dedicated event in the company of the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford at the Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway. Also present at the event were the students from Aberystwyth University who created this year’s message, following the partnership between the Urdd and the university.

To strengthen the international importance of the message, a formal partnership was also formed between Aberystwyth University students and a group of students from the University of Life Sciences in Norway. A virtual workshop was held to enable students from both universities to discuss the subject and share different ideas and cultures.

Lily Beau - It’s Time to Wake Up!

A musical version of the message has been recorded by Lily Beau and was composed and produced by Rich James Roberts and Ifan Davies from Stiwdio Ferlas.

Available to download here.

Also available on YouTube by clicking here.

The Message:


The message's reach

Again this year, the message reached every corner of the world, reaching 82 countries in 101 languages.

The video message had 224,214 views and over 32.47million potential impressions on social media.

Among those who shared the message and showed support were Greenpeace International, British Council, Boris Johnson, and celebrities such as Michael Sheen and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The message was covered in the media and press, with a piece in the One Show and articles in the Independant, Mail Online and Wales Today.


Climate Emergency Education pack

Each year the children and young people of Wales raise their voice through the Urdd's Peace and Goodwill Message to bring attention to a particular major global topic. The Urdd decided to focus on the climate emergency as the theme of the Centenary Peace and Goodwill Message. It is a topic of concern to young people across the world, and it’s crucial that the rest of the world listen to the voices of the youth and take action to save the future of our planet.

As part of the message, the Urdd provides an education pack on the theme of the climate emergency. It is a wonderful opportunity to provide and support education for children and young people on a vital and contemporary topic.

This year we are working with the Welsh Center for International Affairs (WCIA) and Climate Cymru to create the centenary education package.



Workshops to Create the 2022 Peace and Goodwill Message

The theme for the 2022 Peace and Goodwill Message is the climate emergency.

In October and November 2021, a series of workshops were held to create the centenary Peace and Goodwill Message with students from Aberystwyth University.

The content of the workshops was created based on research on the climate emergency.

Here is a taste of the workshops:

  • Q+A with Professor Gareth Wyn Jones and the Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, Haf Elgar, discussing topics such as climate and conflict, campaigns, environmental policies and COP26.
  • Talk by Alejandra Arias from Force of Nature, an organisation that empowers young people to turn their eco-anxiety into agency. Go here for their website.
  • Welcoming the students of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences to a virtual discussion on the climate emergency between both universities.

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