2020 Urdd Peace & Goodwill Message



The theme of the Urdd Peace and Goodwill Message 2020 will be – Empowering Girls.


What is the Urdd Peace and Goodwill Message? It is unique to Wales. It is a reflection of the desires of the young people in our society today. It is a call to action to leaders, to peers, to influencers. It is an opportunity to make a difference, to enable the next generation of leaders so that we can listen, learn and prepare the path for them to lead us into a better future.

Help us reach 15 million people in 50 countries around the world in 2020! 

  • Download the education pack - AVAILABLE HERE NOW!
  • 16 March – download the posters
  • Register for news – urdd.cymru/heddwch
  • Follow / Share via social networks using #Heddwch2020 (@Urdd / @UrddGobaithCymru)
  • Prepare a response – videos / images / stories / artwork / podcasts / songs – send them to us!
  • Encourage friends in Wales and around the world to respond
  • Share the video on May 18!

More information here soon!

In the mean time, please register via the form on this page to receive information directly.