Sean Davies is Level2Activity Leadership apprentice, working for Byw’n Iach in Gwynedd, he attended Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle, and is originally from Llanllyfni and now lives in Caernarfon.  

Why did you decide to take up Sports apprenticeship with the Urdd? 

The opportunity to do a sports apprenticeship appealed to me, and this apprenticeship is provided by the Urdd through Cyngor Gwyneddmade the decision because liked the opportunity of getting to work within sports.  

What do you enjoy most about your job and how has the apprenticeship impacted your job?  

Teaching children to swim in the local area, and at local schools too. The apprenticeship has allowed me to do special courses to be able to do things like teaching swimming and to be lifeguard. 

What does undertaking an apprenticeship through the medium of Welsh mean to you? 

The fact that can go through whole day and only speak Welsh means the world to me. The language is very important and Iam proud to use it on daily basis. 

What are your interests outside of work?  

love football,support Liverpool and go and watch Wales games as often as possible. I'm also interested in F1,and love music. also take every opportunity to take walk around my local area and sometimes further being out in the fresh air is one of my favourite things. 

In what way has doing the apprenticeship affected your personal development? 

am much more confident in my abilities now compared to this time year ago. Without the apprenticeship don't think would have developed personally as much as this!  

What do you hope to do after completing the apprenticeship? 

Not too sure at the moment but staying within sports in someway is important to me. 

Briefly describe your duties.  

I am responsible for teaching swimming classes during the day and lessons in the evening. I'm also lifeguard for public sessions in the swimming pool, depending on the schedule of the day. All staff also have cleaning duties to do every day.  

Describe your experience of doing an apprenticeship with the Urdd in words! 

Interesting, challenging, enjoyable!