We hope to give young people relevant and memorable experiences so that they enjoy the present and, at the same time, develop to be independent and balanced individuals, as well as kind and responsible citizens. Llangrannog makes every effort to continually develop its educational provision, working and consulting with visitors, schools, the community, the Urdd and the Centre’s staff.Developing children and young people who are...

Responsible Citizens

Developing social and interpersonal skills, offering support to others and benefiting from the support of fellow pupils and the Centre’s staff are central to the individual’s experience at the Centre. These key skills prepare the individual to play a key role in wider society.

Confident Individuals

Activities at the Centre concentrate on developing individuals’ confidence and helping them to understand the importance of being healthy and safe and living life to the full! Participating in new activities and challenges at the Centre changes approaches and broadens individual horizons. By meeting these challenges, children and young people will learn to adapt and compromise, thereby gaining the necessary confidence that is essential in terms of developing into rounded individuals.

Effective Learners

Our courses lay solid foundations for promoting positive attitudes that encourage individuals to learn new skills and take on different challenges for the first time. Individuals will develop skills through challenging activities and will be encouraged to experiment with new challenges.

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