Although most teachers and parents recognise that residential courses offer children and young people invaluable experiences, we understand that many are concerned about organising such trips in the current social climate. We understand these concerns and have done everything we can to ensure schools are given every support throughout the process. Robust structures are in place which ensure the safety of children, teachers and adults during their stay.

We enforce the following safety procedures during a residential stay:

  • CCTV System
  • Night Supervisor
  • Manager on duty- One of the managers are on call through the night
  • Maglock doors- All doors that lead to accommodation blocks require a code to gain access
  • First Aid- Staff qualified with first aid available for all activities, also the managers that are on call day and night. We also have a First Aid Room with facilities to keep medication locked up.
  • Health Forms - An opportunity for parents to disclose any problems / special needs (see the enclosed form)
  • Fire Safety- A fire drill is performed for every group that arrive at the Centre
  • Radio communication- The activities staffs, office staff and managers are all in constant contact through the use of radios.
  • Risk Assessments for every activity
  • A full-time NEBOSH officer who is responsible for Health and Safety

We are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, who ensure safety during activities.