What are the options for providers?

Providers can refer learners to the Urdd to complete Essential Skills qualifications fully through the Hub by creating a strong partnership or subcontract arrangement. We have a competitive pricing structure, and we are open to consider an arrangement that works for you.

If you are providing Essential Skills through the medium of Welsh already and need advice in any way to enable your learners to succeed, it’s possible to discuss ways we can help you. Your learners can join in our workshops, have access to our records or to high standard resources to help you with your provision.

General Information for Training Providers

What is the HUB: The Hub offers qualifications and purposeful training in the key subjects, communication, numeracy, digital literacy and employability. Individuals can undertake Essential Skills Entry Level 2 to 3, or work to improve skills by undertaking another learning programme.

Why was the HUB established? Our Essential Skills HUB was established to ensure that learners across Wales have the option of developing their communication, numeracy and digital literacy through the medium of Welsh, by receiving training and learning experience from the highest standard. We ensure that the programmes start consistently so that anyone can start any time of the year and complete it through the medium of Welsh. Most of the Hub’s learning sessions happen virtually so they are open to individuals across Wales. Our vision is to ensure that the Welsh language receives the same priority as the English language when a learner completes their Essential Skills.

Who is the HUB for? The HUB is open to training providers to be able to guide learners who wish to undertake the Essential Skills qualification through the medium of Welsh.


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