Melanie comes from Carmarthen and attended Queen Elizabeth High School. Melanie is a Lefel 3 Childcare apprentice at Cylch Hywel Dda in WhitlandShe has been nominated for the following reasons:-  “Melanie is always happy and enthusiastic in workshops and is always involved in discussions and she completes her work to a very high standard consistantly.  Melanie is really flexible finding time to attend workshops even in school holidays when she has her little ones at home.  Melanie has been learning Welsh, in her own time she hascompleted the Prentis Iaith course and another one with Mudiad Meithrin.  Last week I observed her using her language brilliantly with the children and with me!!” 

Why did you start your apprenticeship with the Urdd? 

The URDD provides great bilingual courses. This is beneficial to me as I am currently learning Welsh which the URDD is most happy to support. 

What do you enjoy most about your job and how has the apprenticeship effected your work? 

I enjoy developing the children’s learning through play. It is a wonderful thing to see children learning when they are having fun. 

What does completing your apprenticeship in Welsh/bilingually mean to you? 

Completing the apprenticeship bilingually has been of upmost importance to me, as I am learning Welsh while completing the course. Therefore the bilingual nature of this apprenticeship helps me to develop those skills. 

What are your interests outside work? 

I enjoy going for walks at the beach and reading books 

In what way has your apprenticeship contributed to your personal development? 

It has helped to increase my confidence with speaking Welsh in and out of the Cylch environment. 

What do you hope to do after your apprenticeship? 

Once the apprenticeship has been completed I hope to continue to help at the Cylch or a similar nursery type setting 

Describe your duties. 

My duties at the Cylch consist of the following 

Assisting the Cylch Leader with all areas. 

Helping the children use their play to develop andlearn, while being in a safe environment. 

Preparing snacksand drinks for the children when needed. 

Changing nappies orclothing when wet or soiled. 

Taking children on visits to the local area for wider learning. 

To promote the safeguarding of the children within the Cylch. 

Observing children to help developtheir learning and monitoring their progress. 

Tidying up at the end of the day. 

Describe your experience in 3 words. 

Rewarding, Fun, Educational