A Chat With Jody Cain

July 2021 - Apprentice of the Month 

Jody Cain is from Caernarfon, Gwynedd. She went to Hendre Primary School and then to Syr Hugh Owen High School, before deciding to do an apprenticeship with the Urdd. Here's a little about her story...

Why did you decide to take on an apprenticeship with the Urdd?

I decided to apply for an apprenticeship with the Urdd as I’ve had many valuable experiences of attending Urdd sessions and activities since childhood. Plus, I love sports so the chance to develop and learn new skills from experienced workers was the perfect opportunity for me!

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

The part I enjoy most is seeing all the participants enjoying themselves in the sessions. Seeing the developments of participants from one season to the next is a pleasure. I also enjoy coaching sessions with other coaches who help me develop and learn so much more to improve myself within different sports.

How important is it to do your apprenticeship through the medium of Welsh?

Doing my apprenticeship through the medium of Welsh means a lot to me! I think it's really important to use as much Welsh as possible and to be able to do this by coaching Urdd sessions with children of all ages across North Wales is a real pleasure.

What are your interests outside of work? 

My interests outside of work is spending time with my family and friends outdoors. My favourite interests are football and running. I am a member of the Snowdonia running club and Bethel Ladies football club. There is nothing better than practicing and attending weekend games with the best team.

How has doing the apprenticeship affected your personal development?

Doing the apprenticeship has affected my personal development a lot. I feel much more confident in coaching sessions and meeting new people and working with others. I'm also much more comfortable dealing with various challenges.

What are you hoping to do after completing the apprenticeship?

After completing the apprenticeship, I hope to continue working in sport.

Briefly describe your duties.

My duties are constantly changing, but the main duties are to run sessions through the medium of Welsh in a variety of different schools across the Eryri area, as well as local sports club outside schools.

Describe your experience of doing an apprenticeship with the Urdd in 3 words!


An experience