A Chat with Bethan Curran

Apprentice of the month 2022 

I come from a small village called Llechryd, less than 3 miles from a small town called Aberteifi. I have lived here throughout my childhood and currently have just moved back for my young daughter to grow up and have the same experiences as I did. I also attended Llechryd Primary School and Aberteifi High School. I then went on to complete a higher education diploma at Trinity University in Carmarthen.


Why did you decide to take a Sports apprenticeship with the Urdd?

I have always had an interest in sport, and I have a very sporty background. When Ceredigion Active had a job as an apprentice, it was a great opportunity for me to follow my dream and goal to be a coach. The Urdd apprenticeship was separate to that apprentice job, and although I am fluent in Welsh, I felt apprehensive to complete the work through the medium of Welsh. Despite that, the Urdd have massively helped me develop confidence in the Welsh language and supported me throughout my work from day to day.

What do you enjoy most about your job and how does the apprenticeship effect your job?

My job gives me great satisfaction. I really enjoy providing activities to the participators and watch them having fun, but mainly watching them develop extra skills. The apprenticeship has had a large effect through my job, as it has helped me get the information and understanding about how to improve my coaching. But mainly it has helped me develop confidence through the medium of Welsh and be able to promote this to my participators.

What does taking on a bilingual apprenticeship mean to you?

Being bilingual can help people improve their multitasking, attention control, problem solving and creativity skills as it promotes a thinking outside of the box mindset. Earning a second language can also give others an insight on other cultures. Learners will also get the opportunity to work and speak in two languages. So, completing an apprenticeship bilingually is a great opportunity to be creative and improve complex problem solving skills when improving your listening skills, information processing, and problem solving.

How has doing the apprenticeship developed your Welsh skills?

Throughout my apprenticeship, the medium of Welsh has helped me become more confident in my work, such as, writing, reading, and speaking. Although I am fluent in Welsh, at the beginning of my apprenticeship I felt very apprehensive about speaking Welsh with my assessor and had difficulty reading and writing in Welsh within my units. My assessor has helped me massively, translating some units to help, but also giving me time and support for me when speaking Welsh throughout my work and when it came to our one-to-one sessions. I feel much more confident completing my apprenticeship through the medium of Welsh, which has helped me become more confident throughout my employment.

What are your interests outside the workplace?

Outside the workplace I enjoy playing cricket and football to my local team. As I am a mother full time, I do a variety of activities with my young daughter, such as trying different footpaths together, do arts and crafts and visit family.

In which way does completing an apprenticeship effect your personal development?

The apprenticeship has had a positive effect on my personal development.  Have developed confidence in so many different areas in coaching and working through the medium of Welsh. I'm overwhelmed that all this information I've learned has given me insight into how to develop my coaching styles and skills in a positive way. For completing the apprenticeship, it has been a huge effort to do it on time. With my full-time job in the way, and being a full-time mum, it was hard to schedule time for everything. Many late nights and early mornings I was pushed to get this work completed and therefore, hard work proved to pay off.

What do you hope to do after completing your apprenticeship?  

When starting the apprenticeship, my aim was to get a full time job as a Physical activity and play Officer through Ceredigion Active. Although I am half way through my apprenticeship I have clung to this aim and managed to get a full time job. So, by using my information, skills and teaching through the apprenticeship plan I managed to achieve my aim.

Describe your responsibilities

Work as part of the team who coordinate the aspects on the Physical Activities and Play provision in Ceredigion. Work in a partnership with the statutory voluntary services to control physical activity for the benefit of the people of Ceredigion. Responsible for any funding that is provided by the Physical Activity and Play Team Manager and look for further funding opportunities. Lead and support the development of a sustainable disability sports network of sports and physical activity opportunities.

Describe your responsibility of completing the apprenticeship with the Urdd in 3 words!

Patience, Teamwork, Supportive!