Heledd was raised in Ystylafera and attended Ysgol Gyfun Ystylafera. Heledd is a Youth Work Apprentice and works for the Urdd in schools within the Vale of Glamorgan. She was nominated for her dedication to her coursework and the opportunities she’s providing for the young people in the area.  

What made you consider an apprenticeship with the Urdd 

To obtain Professional and personal developemet in the Youth work field.  It has helped develop useful and appropriate skills for working with young people in effective ways.  

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship? 

I enjoy the different- workshops that encourage me to learn new skills and that my work days are never the samethere’s a great variety within my work day. 

What does doing your apprenticeship in Welsh mean to you? 

An apprenticeship in Welsh is really important because it gives me the opportunity for me to learn in the language that I am most comfortable inIt’s important to give everyone a chance. 

What are your interests outside work? 

I enjoy playing and watching football.  I watch Swansea play reguarly.  I also enjoy spending time with friends and family. 

In what way has your apprenticeship effected your personal developement? 

It has increased my confidence with working with young people and how to deal with any youth work matter that has arisen during my work. 

In what way hadeveloping your(Numeracy, Communication or Digital Literacy) skills added to your apprenticeship? 

Improving my numeracy skills has helped with my apprenticeship work and my apprenticeship, including working with data and working out staff ratiosDigital Literacy has also helped with my work including improving on my powerpoints and social media content 

What do you hope to do after completing your apprenticeship? 

I hope to continue to work with young people and to use the skills gained during my apprenticeship.. 

Briefly describe your duties. 

My main duties are to be responsible for young people in the Clubs that I run.  I am also responsible tor arranging events like trips, clubs and workshops. 

Describe your experience of your apprenticeship with the Urdd in 3 words! 

Fun. Experience. Empowering 

Would you like to add anything? How have you reached where you are now? What was/is your biggest challenge? 

I work as a youth officer and am doing my apprenticeship after graduating from Cardiff University and I’m keen to work with young peopleMy main challenge is time management especially when there are many events and clubs to run and often happen at the same time. Managing this alongside my apprenticeship is somteimes tricky but it’s also good experience