Poppy is a Level 2 Activity Leadership apprentice from WrexhamShe attended Ysgol Gynradd Bodhyfryd and then Ysgol Morgan Llwyd.  Poppy has been nominated as she is very concientious and hardworking. She always completes and presents her work on time and to a high standard. Poppy works really well at workshops and contributes really well to open discussions. Seeing Poppy’s confidence grow since the beginning of her apprenticeship has been wonderful, I really hope that she considers working towards a Level 3 Sports Development Apprenticeship.  Poppy’s progress is to be seen in her enthusiasm towards her work.  

Why did you decide to take a Sports apprenticeship with the Urdd? 

I was really keen to begin a new challenge and to work in the world of sports. 

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship? 

I enjoy helping and leading our sports sessions within schools or in the community - I like seeing our participants enjoy and develop  

What does completing your apprenticeship in Welsh mean to you 

I am so pleased to be able to promote the Welsh language and to be able to use the language every day at work. I believe it’s really important that there are plenty of opportunities fo rchildren to participate in activities through Welsh or bilingually, and I’m so glad we do this 

What are your interests outside worth 

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with friends and family.

I also enjoy women’s football and support Wrexham and Wales.  

In which way does completing an apprenticeship effect your personal development?

My apprenticeship has effected my personal development greatlyI have gained more confidence and my understanding of a variety of different sports (and I’m still learning all the time!)  

In what ways have developing your(Numeracy, CommunicationandDigitalLiteracy) Skills added to your apprenticeship 

I have continued to develop these skills and also remind myself daily of my numeracy and communication skills through completing day to day tasks and additional tasks on WEST. I have gained muchDigital Literacy skills through using various computer programmes and I’m learning all the time! These skills contribute greatly towards my apprenticeship as they are skills I use every day and are skills that I’m developing constantly. I use my numeracy skills whilst working out ratios for groups and attendence at activities and also for scoring at competitions. You have to be able to communicate ithis role, speaking to coaches, schools staff and young people. I use my digital literacy skills for communicating and completing my coursework 

What do you hope to do after completing your apprenticeship? 

After completing my Level 2 Apprenticeship I hope to go onto a Level 3 Sports Developemnt Apprenticeship 

Briefly describe your duties 

Some of my duties are to help/lead in sessions during school time, after school and in community clubs, help in competitions, help liaise with schools and leisure centres to organise activities and complete coursework/attend workshops and courses. 

Describe your apprenticeship in three words  

Interesting, busy, fun! 

Would you like to add anything about your story? How have you reached where you are now? What was/is your biggest challenge? 

While studying at school, I realised I wanted to challenge myself in a new way. When I saw the opportunity to start an apprenticeship, this was very appealing to me as I was very interested in the sporting world and keen to work in the field. I'm very grateful for the opportunities I'm receiving and enjoying the experience.