A chat with Harri Wheeler-Sexton



Harri is from Pontypridd. He attended Ysgol Evan James and then Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Garth. He has a passion for sport and enjoys coaching in schools and local clubs.

Why did you choose to apply for an apprenticeship with the Urdd?

I am a person who has enjoyed sport since I was very young. I definitely knew that I wanted a career in sport. Once I heard about the apprenticeship with the Urdd, I immediately took the opportunity. It's a great opportunity, to develop many different skills for the future.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy learning new skills and techniques, and teaching them to the children, in the hope that they will use these skills and techniques in the future.

Briefly describe your duties.

My duty includes providing fun, beneficial and inspirational sports sessions for children of all ages within primary schools and the local community.

How has doing the apprenticeship affected your personal development?

The apprenticeship has helped me with my confidence! I didn't think I could stand in front of a hall of children and teachers to make a presentation about what we are doing within the Urdd and all the different types of clubs we have. The apprenticeship has enabled me to do this successfully!

How important is it to do your apprenticeship through the medium of Welsh?

I've always felt passionate about the Welsh language, especially after seeing the many different opportunities that's came to me from speaking the language. So I want to make sure that my participants see and recognize those opportunities.

What is the biggest challenge of working within sport? 

The biggest challenge I have had to overcome is injuries within sports! From fracturing my hip to having knee surgery; at one point, I didn't think I would be able to do athletics again. But after a resting and gradual exercise, I have been able to overcome these injuries!

What are your interests outside of work?

Athletics! I mainly spend my time practicing athletics, as well as playing rugby with the local team, where I have lots of opportunities to socialize with friends.

What are you hoping to do after completing the apprenticeship? 

After completing my apprenticeship I'll be going to Cardiff Met university! I'm going to study 'Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage'! Hopefully after finishing my course I'll be able to pursue a career in sport. I'm also going to compete in the university athletics team.

Describe your experience of doing an apprenticeship with the Urdd in 3 words!

Fun, Interesting and Beneficial!