What is performance rights?

Performance rights means getting permission to perform music, drama or any copyrighted work publically and in front of an audience, or on television, radio or any other broadcast. It is necassary to get permission from the copyright owner, which is usually the Publisher or the composer/author.


Why do I need permission to perform a piece of work?

Every creative piece of work belongs to someone, and we need to get permission from them to perform that work, just like we need to get permission from individuals before borrowing their belongings.


Every competitor needs to make sure that they get performance rights from the copyright owner, usually the Publisher or the composer / author before the Local Eisteddfod (Eisteddfod Cylch). Without the proper permission, the Urdd will not be able to let the performance continue.

How do I get performance rights from the Publisher?

If you are performing a new version of the original work (a translation, a new musical arrangement, a medley, or using the song as part of the Action Song script, for example) then you will need to contact the Publisher with details of this new version and get permission to perform this particular version. There is a template letter to send to publishers available to download above. If you’re performing a translation, you will need to send the Welsh translation as well as a literal translation back to English to the Publisher, so that they can approve the translation.


Contact details for many publishers are on page 15 of the Syllabus, and you can find contact details for publishers on their websites too.


What do I do after getting performance rights?

Congratulations! Please upload the confirmation when registering to compete. 

 Please make sure that all the information on your Urdd Eisteddfod registration is correct and accurate too!

Do I need permission to perform a set piece?

No, the Urdd secures performance rights for all set pieces. If the work is listed in the Syllabus then you will not need to get permission. If you are performing a piece chosen by yourself, then you will need to secure performance rights before the Local Eisteddfod (Eisteddfod Cylch).

Copyright is impossible to clear for songs that appear on the IPC Excluded Works List. Where can I find this list? 

Please follow the below link to find details about songs to avoid:


How can I get further help?

Make sure you’ve read through the flowchart (page 10 of the syllabus) first of all. If you still have questions, then contact hawlfraint@urdd.org 


PRS for Music

Contact the Welsh departments within PRS for Music for additional support on copyright clearance:

020 3741 4033 / welshtvprogrammes@prsformusic.com

For additional information or support, please contact the Urdd Eisteddfod office: