- What is #FelMerch -

#FelMerch is a new project by the Urdd Sports Department, supported by Sport Wales, which has been established specifically to inspire, support, and empower young women and girls to keep active and break down the barriers that prevent women and girls from participating in sport

What the research says...

According to new research by Always more than half (55%) of teenage girls do not keep active, and three quarters (75%) feel more support is needed to keep them in sport.

Recent research by Sport Wales into the nation’s activity habits and behaviours also show that the pandemic appears to have widened inequalities in sport participation across gender and socio-economic status. Women reported doing less sport than before Covid-19, feeling guilty about not exercising more and were worried about leaving the house.

How will #FelMerch break down the barriers...

  1. Arranging weekly face-to-face or digital activities.
  2. Establishing regional and national forums for women and girls.
  3. Using ambassadors to inspire others, including national ambassadors such as Wales and Bristol fly-half Elinor Snowsill.
  4. Providing a leadership training programme for girls.
  5. Offering holiday activity HUBS for young women and girls.
  6. Arranging a national workshop-based conference to share achievements and ideas.