2019 Peace & Goodwill Message - VOICE

This year’s Urdd Peace and Goodwill Message has been created by young people who are members of Bwrdd Syr IfanC and the Cymraeg Bob Dydd (Welsh Every Day) project. 

The group came together at a special workshop to discuss the theme – Voice, deciding they would take the opportunity this year to raise their Voice and stand with children and young people in Wales and across the world who are suffering as a result of violence – knife violence, gun violence and violence due to war.

Sharing the message - 17 May 2019

This year the Message will be shared with the world on the morning of May 17, so remember to look out for it on social media, here on the website and on email.

 Two versions will be produced, a short film and a poster.

  • WE ASK that you share across your social media, email and even through the post.
  • SHARE with your friends here in Wales and across the world, asking them to respond with their own message each time. 
  •  We ENCOURAGE you to RESPOND to the Message in the form of video, sound, letter, artwork, selfies – however you want!



Background and History of the Message

This year the Urdd's Message of Peace and Goodwill is 97 years old, and since 1922 the message has been an inspiration for the humanitarian and international work of the Urdd. The first message was sent by Reverend Gwilym Davies from Cwm Rhymni. He was a pacifist and was prominent in the establishing of the Welsh Union of the League of Nations and UNESCO.

He believed in uniting the children of the world. Sir Ifan decided to support the campaign so that ignorance and prejudice could be abolished. The message was broadcast for the first time on the BBC World Service in 1924 and today it appears in many different languages on the internet and reaches all corners of the world. In the 1950's the Urdd was given the responsibility of announcing the Message of Peace and Goodwill on 18 May, which was the date of the first peace conference in the Hague in 1899.

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If you’d like to see more historic images relating to the Peace Message, please visit the People’s Collection Wales.