Ethan Williams Bwrdd Syr IfanC Chairman and the Urdd 2018/2020 President.

How to be a board member?

There is a Urdd youth forum in every region in Wales. As a result we have a young person(s) to reprisent every region in our national board (Bwrdd Syr IfanC). The board have three yearly meetings, that include two overnight stays at one of the Urdd's residential centres and one national confrence in Cardiff.

The board's main roles:

  • Hold a discussion on what is important to them (members between 15 and 25 years old) so we can develop the Urdd to suit them. 
  • A chance for the members to express what is important to them, and a chance for them to give the Urdd honest advice on what is important for them. 
  • A chance for the young people to express their opinion and reactions to the Urdd activities in their region, and offer advice on how to build on the Urdd’s work. 
  • A chance for the young people to come from across Wales to discuss, but to also form friendships. 
  • This is a chance to discuss everything that affects young people today, including issues that affect the Welsh language. 

To contact the Board email 

If you would like to become a forum member in your area, please contact us.


What has the board achieved so far?

Hungary; Back in 2014, the Urdd were lucky enough to be offered a house in Hungary. After discussing the matter in the board meetings, it was decided that Bwrdd Syr IfanC should make the final decision. They decided to accept the offer. By now, thanks to the board, the house has been refurbished to a high standard and the Urdd are offering amazing trips and opportunities to their members. If you’re interested in applying for a place on the 2019 trip, click on the following link; Tŷ Kisbodak Ház

Urdd Ambassador; During one board meeting, a member suggested that it would be a good idea to crate a role of ‘Urdd Ambassador’ in every high school. This was a huge project for the Urdd to coordinate but by today, the idea is thriving and we have a ambassador in every Welsh medium high school in Wales. The duties of an ambassador vary from area to are, but their main role is to;

  • Promote and discus the Urdd’s work in services.
  • Promote and facilitate Urdd trips.
  • Volunteer during trips, activities and youth clubs
  • Help, lead and volunteer as a steward in the Regional Eisteddfod
  • Promote other organisations, for instance Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, Menter Iaith

Stonewall; Following a request from one of the board members, the Urdd is now working in partnership with Stonewall.

Eisteddfod yr Urdd; One of the biggest decision the board has made is to organise a gig on the last night of the National Eisteddfod, and to include a bar on this night. The gig has been a big success and as a result, it has managed to include a new audience of young people to the event.

Patagonia;  For years, the Urdd decided on individuals for the Patagonia trip by an application form process.  It was raised by the board members that this could alienate young people who don’t consider themselves to be academic. As a result of this decision, the Urdd has changed it’s selection process to include a day of team work, and a informal interview This gives the staff a chance to get to know the young people before making a final decision.  

Bwrdd Syr IfanC’s National Confrence;  The Bwrdd Syr IfanC members organise an annual conference in Cardiff, and about 80 young people attend. During the last two years the Urdd’s Welsh Second language school’s project – Cymraeg bob dydd, have been organising a similar conference. This year, for the first time, we are joining the two events after the idea came to light by the board. This gives our member a chance to socialise and learn from each other and about each other.  The conference is taking place on 1st-3rd of February 2019.

Former Bwrdd Syr IfanC chairpersons  

Nia Haf, 2017-2018

Siwan Dafydd, 2016-2017