Geraint George Scholarship

The aim of the scholarship is to give individuals 18-25yrs the opportunity to foster their communication skills and can help people in Wales and beyond to appreciate the natural world and understand the factors that affect it.

Ysgoloriaeth Geraint George Scholariship

This scholarship was established by The Natural Resources Wales and The Snowdonia National Park in memory of the late Geraint George. 

The aim of the scholarship, which is open to individuals age 18 – 25, is to maintain exceptional communicators who may be able to help people in Wales and beyond to appreciate the natural world and the factors which affect it.

We invite competitors to send in communicative work in any format and on any environmental subjects relating to Wales.

The winner can choose between:

  • A week's visit to the Trigav National Park in Slovenia where there will be an opportunity to learn about the work there and to take part in some activities.
  • Attend the Europark conference which is held in different parts of Europe each year, where there is the opportunity to learn about what is happening in the different countries and visit some sites.   

Work is invited in one or a combination of the following formats:

  • Short film (1-3 min)                   
  • Poster/s (up to 3)
  • Blog (at least one week)            
  • Leaflet/s (up to 3)
  • Sound item (1-3 min)                
  • Essay (up to 3)
  • Article/s (up to 3)                     
  • Short Story (up to 3)
  • Cartoons (up to 6)
  • or any other format of the competitor’s choice. 

The work must be submitted by 1 March 2024. You must upload the work when you register to compete


Further information please contact 

This scholarship was established by the Natural Resources Wales and the Snowdonia National Park Authority in memory of Geraint George, who was an environmentalist, educator and enthusiastic communicator. He loved working with young people, encourage them to ask questions and form opinions about the environment around them and was very keen to see people discuss environmental issues and consider their heritage within an international context.