According to Rule 10, page 9, any changes to the Syllabus will appear on the Urdd Eisteddfod website. If there are any differences between the Welsh and English syllabuses, the Welsh version will be prioritised.


Competition 129 - Llefaru bl7,8 a 9. Y Filltir Sgwar, Elinor Wyn Reynolds 
More than one version of the poem exists. The version of the book Pigion Beirdd y Mis is the official one the Urdd uses but judges at the Cylch and Rhanbarth Eisteddfodau will accept the other versions of the poem as well. If you do NOT perform the official version of the book Pigion Beirdd y mis then please bring a copy with you on the day


Competitions 33 & 34: Rule added - The majority of members must be under 25 years of age and all under 30 years of age'.


Competition 134: An amendment has been made to competition 134's set piece - individual recitation 19 - 25 yrs old: Detholiad o Llyfr Glas Nebo, Manon Steffan Ros. The up to date piece is now available on our set pieces web page.


Competition 132: An amendment has been made to competition 132's set piece - Individual Reciting Yr.10 - 19yrs, 'Trais a Threfn', Iwan Llwyd. The correct piece is now on our 'set pieces' web page.


Competition 150: A change to the wording of the competition

Solo Dramatic Presentation Yrs.7, 8 and 9 Either:

a) A monologue from a Welsh language drama, book, or an original script


b) Song - a Welsh language pop song, folk song or song from a musical. No more than 3 minutes including time to set up and clear the stage. The performance is the important element, which is to convey the story and the character, not always accuracy to the copy. Copyright must be obtained before registering to enter


Competition 10: Yr.6 & under Choir Amser Gwely - Robat Arwyn

The last words on p.37 are slightly different to those in the music - the music copy is the correct one.

Also, the performance on the CD has an incorrect note in the chorus. Stick to the notes of the copy on the words 'Cadw pob un' (bar 18) which are  Eb C Bb C  and not natural B (like on the CD).


Competition 126: Yr.5 & 6 Individual Reciting

We accept the different ways of saying the following:

Line 7: ‘Gam tu ôl i bawb arall’

Line 25: ‘A dyna’i diwedd hi’

Line 7: ‘Gam tu ôl i bawb’

Line 25: ‘a dyna ddiwedd arni’


Competition 16: Boys' Solo Yrs. 7, 8 & 9

Âf i Draw Gyda ‘Nhad i Aredig – John Jeffreys

Bar 55 in Eb major. The first quaver isn’t dotted. 6 continuous quavers should be sung as seen in F & G major scores.


Competition 21: Solo 19-25 Fy Serenâd ('La Serenata') - Paulo Tosti

Francesco Paulo Tosti: 30 Songs (High Voice) - HL50484320

It appears that there is a mistake in the copy for the highest voice.

Page 88, the final bar of the 4th stave: ‘E a’ ‘baci mieri’ A is the 1st note in the bar, rather than F.


Cystadleuaeth 23:  Côr Bl.9 ac iau (Adrannau) - Mae'r Dyfodol yn ein Dwylo Ni 

Soprano bar 50 - the tie that combines the two F notes is missing - see below