International Board

Background of the International Board

The International Board is a new board within the Urdd's Governance structure.

This Board will provide expertise and advice to support the strategic direction of the Urdd's international provisions.

The Board will assist the Communications and International Department in its vision to ensure that the youth of Wales have access to unique international experiences sharing our culture and empowering young people to be proud of their language and heritage, open to the world, and develop global citizenship skills.

Delyth Evans

Delyth Evans

Chair of the International Board

Delyth began her career as a news and current affairs journalist. She went on to work as a political speech writer and later served for three years as an Assembly Member, where she was Deputy Minister for the Welsh Language, Rural Affairs and the Environment. Delyth has held Chief Executive roles at two charities and works as a policy and strategy consultant. She also serves on the boards of Sport Wales, Coleg Gwent and The Alacrity Foundation, an education charity that provides entrepreneurship training for young tech graduates.

The role of the International Board

  • Support the director and staff to develop the Urdd’s International operational plan and approve the final version
  • Review (in conjunction with the staff) the strategic aim of the Urdd's International provision 
  • Ensure accountability by scrutinizing and monitoring the outputs and financial performance of the Urdd’s International provision. 
  • Sharing guidance and support in international issues and opportunities 
  • Submit recommendations to the Urdd's Board of Trustees