Chwarae yn Gymraeg (Play in Welsh)

'Chwarae yn Gymraeg' is a successful innovative, engaging initiative created by the Urdd to allow children to practice or learn the Welsh language in a fun environment outside the classroom. It's a new way of introducing the Welsh culture and language to children: through play and various activities.

Through encouragement, play and support, the language becomes accessible and brings satisfaction, and barriers are broken!

It is a unique programme delivered in second language schools across Wales. This fits well with the Welsh Language Educational Curriculum and the Welsh Language Strategy of aiming to have 1 million Wlesh speakers by 2050.

The Urdd now coordinates these sessions in schools internationally, taking Wales into the world!

Sinsheim, Germany

A group from the Urdd, some sports and some arts staff and trustees, travelled to Sinsheim to share our language and culture as part of the 'Chwarae yn Gymraeg' project.

Over two days at a secondary school in this small town in South West Germany, there was an opportunity to share the Welsh language and Welsh culture with the pupils and teachers of Sinsheim, but to also learn more about German traditions.

Sports sessions were held which included exciting, educational and engaging games which developed the pupils' skills but also presented the Welsh language in a fun and playful environment. Through play, the German pupils learned basic Welsh vocabulary.

A cultural session also took place, to give the pupils a background of our language, country and culture.

Why Sinsheim?

This town is home to the Rhein-Neckar-Arena stadium, or another name for the stadium, PreZero Arena. As well as presenting the 'Chwarae yn Gymraeg' project, the Urdd crew went to support the Welsh women's football team in their Nations League match against Germany!

The Urdd crew took pupils from the school to visit the Welsh women's football team in training, and also had a chance to meet the players! When watching the game the next day, several of the children decided to support Wales after enjoying learning so much about our language and culture!

Following the success of several international 'Chwarae yn Gymraeg' trips, the Urdd would like to host many more of the sessions and develop international relationships, with the hope of travelling again soon.