What is Dubai 7s?

Since 1999, Dubai has held an annual Rugby 7’s tournament, hosting the 12 best international sevens teams in the world at The Sevens Stadium. It is the Middle East's largest sports and entertainment festival.

This rugby 7’s tournament is one of the biggest 7’s rugby event in the world, with teams from all over the world competing. There are 15 leagues, with the games taking place on the eight different pitches at 'The Sevens Stadium'. The matches takes place over 3 days, without forgetting the entertainment and enjoyment that takes place off the field.

This tournament, the 'Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby 7's', can attract crowds of more than 100,000 over the three days - The Sevens Stadium's biggest event

The Urdd's Rugby 7s Team


The Urdd 7-a-side womens rugby team went to Dubai for the tournament and had an unforgettable experience.

The Urdd team played in the 'International Open Women' league. Many of the other teams included former international team players. The Urdd team reached the 'quater final'! It was a very close game.

We thank TAITH for funding this opportunity and enabling Urdd members to engage with the schools and communities of Dubai as part of the tour.

As well as the rugby, the Urdd crew held sports sessions for children and pupils in Dubai. This included a training session for the Dubai Hurricanes under 12 rugby team. Also, a Welsh training session was held for year 5 and 6 pupils in a school, with fun games and activities taking place. The pupils were introduce to the language and culture of Wales, and it was an opportunity for them to hear and learn a bit of Welsh.

The Urdd crew had the opportunity to visit the city centre, and learn about the culture there. This included amazing experiences, such as going to the desert and tasting local foods.

The trip was full of unique and amazing experiences, an opportunity to network internationally, promote the Welsh language, and have the opportunity to play rugby on a global platform - there were a few Welsh people there watching the tournament and they were delighted that a team of Wales there.