The Urdd beyond Wales 

Our ambition is to take Wales, the Welsh language and the Urdd worldwide.

The Urdd has nurtured 4 million young men and women to be proud of their country, open to the world and living embodiments of our language and culture, along with the universal values which we cherish in Wales.

The Urdd stands as a key organisation in Wales working with partners such as Welsh Government, British Council, BBC, WRU, Commonwealth Games, S4C, Wales Arts International to name a few. Our partnership collaborations with these organisations has ensured successful initiatives for Young people and we have in the last few years expanded our work internationally through projects in Kenya, Alabama, Ireland, Patagonia, Hungary, Brussels, Cameroon, Australia and Japan. We want to continue to work alongside our partners to amplify the story of Wales as a successful, confident, vibrant and open nation.

The Urdd has ambitious plans to ensure Wales makes a positive impact, to ensure that more people know about Wales, offer international experiences for young people and celebrate the cultural richness of Wales. Some aspects of the work might be on hold due to Covid-19, but it is on-going.

The Urdd is a unique organisation in the world, and we wish to create globally aware young people we believe that by recognising our strengths in Wales together we as an organisation can prioritise:

• what is unique to Wales

• a way of working that is at the heart of the Future Generations Act

• be responsible at a global level

We are every proud of what we have achieved to date, and our vision for the future remains.

Recent projects

Over the last few years, the Urdd has been busy making valuable contacts and connecting with young people around the world.



Urdd members and members of the TG Lurgan musical project in Ireland have forged an exciting new partnership. 

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February 2020

The winner of the 2019 Cardiff and Vale Urdd Eisteddfod chair, poet Iestyn Tyne travelled to Cameroon to take part in the African Festival of Emerging Writers in February 2020.

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January 2020

An apprentice and Urdd member of staff travelled to Australia to conduct Welsh-medium activities at Sydney's Welsh Summer School.

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October 2019

In October 2019 the Urdd took part in the Welsh Government trade and culture mission to establish links between the youth of Wales and the youth of Japan.

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September 2019

A new partnership between the Urdd and the African-American community in Birmingham, Alabama.

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August 2019

Urdd apprentices travelled to Kenya to work with one of United Purpose's major sports project, Moving the Goal Posts.

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We have a special relationship with this country and since 2008, over 300 young people have visited Patagonia with us.

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Eastern Europe

A house gifted to the Urdd in 2013 now welcomes young people from Wales.

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