How can I support?
There are a number of ways in which you can choose to donate, and the process is quick and easy:

1. A one-time contribution with PayPal or credit / debit card

2. Contribute in 9 monthly instalments of £20

3. Set up a monthly payment plan (choosing the amount you’d like to contribute)

4. Send a cheque payable to Urdd Gobaith Cymru

How much can I give?
At present, we kindly ask for a donation of £180. This would pay for the majority of the cost for a full holiday for one child for a summer holiday at Gwersyll Llangrannog, Glan-llyn, Cardiff or Pentre Ifan.

Sponsorship packages for companies and businesses
We have a number of packages available:

  • £180 will sponsor a place for 1 child
  • £500 will sponsor a place for 3 children
  • £1000 will sponsor a place for 6 children
  • £5000 will sponsor a place for 30 children

You can contribute via any of the options above, or we can invoice you for the donation.

To discuss the packages, contact us:

How will my money be spent?
As well as transport, accommodation, and food for a child for 5 days, your contribution will cover up to 35 exciting activities, including canoeing, rafting, zip wiring, motorcycles, skiing, swimming, singing and dancing, and of course the opportunity to make new friends and create lifelong happy memories!

What happens next?
We will keep in touch with you through an annual newsletter showing you how your donation has made a difference, and to acknowledge your generous contribution you'll also receive:

  • A contributor's badge
  • An invitation to the Urdd centres or special events
  • A postcard from the summer camp
  • A certificate (for companies)
  • A graphic for your social media (for companies)
  • Recognition on the Urdd’s website and social media (donations over £500)