How much does it cost to join the Urdd?

Individual membership: £10*

Family membership (3 or more children): £25

*£1 for those eligible for free school meal support

What is Y Porth?

You are required to create an account within our brand-new online system, ‘Y Porth’, before joining the Urdd. ‘Y Porth’ will enable parents, schools, and clubs to create an account, process their membership with the Urdd and view their details easily. ‘Y Porth’ will be developed over the coming months to include all the Urdd’s activities, so that everything can be accessed in one central place, from membership to payment details, registration for local activities and competing in the Eisteddfod. Click here to create your account!

Why is there no option to pay via PayPal on Y Porth?

As a charity, we need to protect our income as much as possible, and whilst reviewing our systems, we found that a different supplier would save us a percentage of each payment.

Paypal didn’t work for everyone either. Our new supplier offers a simpler way for everyone to pay for our services. We are also in the process of adding ApplePay and GooglePay as payment options.

I'm a Branch Leader - how do I create an account within Y Porth?

Branch Leader hasn’t received a special code to Y Porth?

Every Branch Leader will receive an e-mail in early September with a special code to Y Porth. If the e-mail hasn’t reached them, please contact us:

What are the benefits of becoming an Urdd member?

As a member of the Urdd, you will be part of Wales’ largest youth organisation. Each member will receive a badge and membership card and access to the Urdd’s activities. Provision varies from area to area, but clubs, activities, special visits, free magazines are just some of the opportunities on offer:

  • Urdd Eisteddfod: With over 400 competitions, from singing to cooking, dancing to designing websites, and writing stories to staring on stage – there’s something for everyone at the Urdd Eisteddfod

Do I need to be a member to take part in the Urdd’s activities?

Yes, you must be an Urdd member to take part in our activities. But our brand-new system, Y Porth, makes the membership process simpler than ever.

How do I find my Urdd membership number?

Your membership number and details can be found by logging into Y Porth. You will also receive an e-mail confirming the membership number once your membership has been processed.

Help! The school processed my child’s Urdd membership, but I need their membership number

Ask your school’s Urdd branch for your child’s membership number. Alternately, you can create an account within our new online system, Y Porth, and apply for access to your child’s membership numbers via the portal (the school must give permission to release this data).

When will I receive my membership badge?

We’ll post your membership badge as soon as possible, but it could take up to 4 weeks during our busiest times of the year.

Can children under the age of 8 join the Urdd?

Yes – children of all ages can become an Urdd member. However, most of our activities are aimed at children and young people between 8 and 25 years of age.

When will the 2024 Urdd Eisteddfod be held?

The Maldwyn Urdd Eisteddfod will be held during the week of the Whitsun half term holiday, 27 May – 1 June 2024. Click here for further information about the Urdd Eisteddfod.


If you’re having trouble with the membership process or experiencing technical difficulties with Y Porth, please contact us by filling this form: