Because parents and 16+ Urdd members need to access their membership numbers (and can do this on our online system, Y Porth), this year we are asking all schools/branches to encourage parents to register membership themselves.

Parents/guardians will ned membership numbers for community or after school activities, as well as competing in various competitions. So, by encouraging parents to join directly they will have easy access to the information.

This will also reduce the administrative work for you and ensure that parents/guardians have access to their children’s membership numbers. You will still to be able access and monitor all membership details of your school / branch on Y Porth.

Y Porth

You are required to create an account within our brand-new online system, Y Porth, before registering your school or club with the Urdd. Y Porth will enable parents, schools, and clubs to create an account and view their details easily.

Y Porth will be developed over the coming months to include all the Urdd’s activities, so that everything can be accessed in one central place, from membership to payment details, registration for local activities and competing in the Eisteddfod.