I Can Lead Training and Qualification

An introduction to leadership and the skills needed to lead basic activities under direct supervision.

After completing the award you will gain:

  • A new understanding of how to use leadership skills in your work, day to day or school life.
  • The knowledge, skills and competencies to lead basic activities under direct supervision

Disability Inclusion Training Level 1 Training and Qualification

An introduction to inclusive practice in sport, aimed at coach leaders who are trying to make sports and physical activity sessions more inclusive. The training covers the theory of inclusion and includes an opportunity to put this knowledge into practice using practical examples to show how inclusion can be part of your sessions.

In the workshop you will cover good training practices and the implications, challenges and solutions for participation, disability sports distribution routes, and where to go for further help and guidance.

Autism Awareness Training and Qualification

An introductory course for anyone who wishes to learn and understand more about autism. It is suitable for anyone who supports autistic children, young people and adults. It discusses what autism and the autism spectrum is and tackles some of the common misconceptions.

Safeguarding Training and Qualification

As a sports coach, official, member of sports staff or volunteer, it is important that you understand your role and responsibilities in protecting the children you work with. The training will help you gain an understanding of your role in protecting children from being abused or harmed and what steps to take when there are concerns.

Sport-specific Training and Qualification

All National Governing Bodies offer training and refereeing courses available to anyone who's interested. The courses include elements of theory and practical learning. The courses are aimed at all levels so no previous experience is necessary.

The number of voluntary hours required for these courses will vary depending on the sport and level of qualification.

First Aid Training and Qualification

This training course will provide all the first aid skills necessary to deal with a wide range of sporting events.