About the magazine

IAW is a unique magazine designed to help young people in Wales learn Welsh, and covers a wide range of contemporary topics relevant to young people. IAW readers often contribute to the magazine by writing letters or offering work or projects from school, which is a great opportunity to practice their oral, written and editorial skills in Welsh.

Who is IAW for?

IAW is suitable for KS3 and KS4 young people who follow the Welsh second language Curriculum up to GCSE.

What makes IAW a magazines for Welsh learners?

Worksheets with the magazine complement Curriculum requirements and support pupils' academic development through engaging, up-to-date content.

How can IAW support learning?

IAW is a magazine that supports learning in the classroom and beyond. The magazine contains glossary sheets, language patterns and activities for the teacher, and follows monthly themes to keep content fresh and relevant to young learners. Teachers are welcome to offer complete IAW in their digital classroom, embed it on their website or distribute it digitally.