The Urdd and Her Future Coalition Partnership

This year the Urdd is launching a 3 year partnership with Her Future Coalition, a charity based in India, as part of the Welsh Government's 'Wales in India' year for 2024.

The partnership intends to connect young Welsh women with children and young people in Kolkata, India, and offer international volunteering opportunities to the young people of the Urdd.

Her Future Coalition, a charity in India, is dedicated to effecting positive changes in the lives of women and girls vulnerable to the 'sex trafficking' cycle. Their work revolves around breaking the cycle of poverty through education and supportive services tailored to empower vulnerable women.

As part of the Urdd's 'Fel Merch' strategy, the first year of the partnership will include a visit to Kolkata for Urdd members ages 18 to 25 towards the end of 2024 to hold mentoring, cultural and sports sessions with women in the Kolkata area to exchange our languages and cultures.

More information to follow in May for the application process for Urdd members ages 18 to 25.

In February 2024, Sian Lewis, Urdd Chief Executive traveled to India to meet with Her Future Coaltion and establish the new partnership.

'Wales in India' Launch

Re-establishing the Partnership between the Urdd and Kolkata

20 years ago a similar project was carried out by the Urdd in partnership with Christian Aid in Kolkata. The campaign was called 'Croeso Kolkata' (‘Welcome Kolkata’).

The project aimed to educate young people in Wales about life in Kolkata and create a friendship between Wales and Kolkata. As part of the project, young people from Wales travelled to Kolkata to gain volunteer experiences and form new connections between both areas.

Go here to learn more about 'Croeso Kolkata'.

With the decision to launch the year 'Wales in India' in 2024, it was the perfect opportunity to resume the relationship between the Urdd, Wales, and India and to carry out a voluntary humanitarian project for the Urdd ambassadors.